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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Start is here!!!! I've decided to start my post now and finish it off after I complete my 1st class later tonight since so much is going on in my head and body.

It's now noon and there's another 6+ hours to go until class =X I am having a mini panic attack for some strange reason to go into that hot room even tho I've done so many many times before. It also doesn't help that I waited till today to start hydrating. I knew I should have started Monday so forcing a ton of water in me today was an epic bad decision. I have been needing to use the bathroom every half and hour and forgot my water at home so as I'm finishing the last reserve I have at work, I am dreading my only option of faucet water :( Knew I should have picked up that bottle with the filter (I think it's called the Bobble) at Target when I saw it on sale a few months back to avoid situations I'm facing today. Another damn epic fail on my behalf!!!!!

Oh top things off....I need to be measured tonight before class for the "New You" part of the challenge. I'm sure the numbers I see will make me ill, but guess it'll motivate me to work hard and compare the results after. Ahhhhhhh...wooooo saaaaaahhh
Time: 10:45pm

Yay!!!! First day conquered and I'm actually feeling pretty good and clean now that I've showered. Sitting on my bed finishing up this post and it's off to bed I go.

I took the 6:30pm session with Jeff, who is an amazing and tough teacher. I was a tad bit afraid since I've been away from this practice for a while now and was just not up for a tough class, but I am glad I did since I ended at a decent time and he was gentle to us. The one pitfall was that class was extremely crowded. Seriously, I was no more than a foot between my neighbors and I couldn't see myself in the mirror almost the entire time. There was a lot of apologizing going on since I kept touching my neighbors and they the same =P O well, it looks like it'll be crowded like today all the time and if I can survive my first day, I'm sure I'll be fine. Note to self....maybe position myself on the 1st row right in front of the mirror!!!!

First class was not too shabby for me. I didn't have to sit out of postures too many times and got pretty deep in some poses. I'm actually shocked that it went that well since I had such low expectations today! I'm sure I'll feel the pain tomorrow morning, but it's definitely welcomed as it's a sign that I'm trying hard and doing my best. What a great start to this challenge. Also, my studio posted a two month calendar for each challenger in the changing rooms and I was thrilled to put on my 1st star for February 1st =D

O yea, I also finally met a fellow challenger, Ching, who's blog I've been following since taking on this challenge. It's so nice to know that someone is going through the same things and great to see a friendly face in class. Her blog is such an enjoyable read so check it out at

Tomorrow is another new challenge as class is different each day. Wasn't able to get measured tonight, it'll wait till tomorrow then. I'm hoping for the best and am ready for whatever is thrown at me. Until then....namaste.

My wardrobe for Day 2:


  1. Tee hee, thanks for the shout out Sara! So glad you introduced yourself to me. Yup, we definitely are having the same struggles and as much as I dislike being in the front row, I'm thinking of parking myself up there from now on because I'm so disoriented when I can't see myself. Last night was soo hot because it was so crowded. I of course had a headache as soon as I left. Def need to hydrate more!!! See you later tonight! I'll be seeing you out as I'm headed in for the later class. Traffic stresses me out.

  2. Love your blog and so glad I'm not the only one feeling like its the 1st day of school. I'm new to bikram and decided why not the challenge will keep me honest. So yes I made it through day 2 which is day 4 total for me for Bikram. I have so much to learn and my goal is just a little each day! Wishing you the best! -Kara