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LilySlim Exercise days tickers

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My HOT date for V-Day <3

I must admit that I was pretty bummed out about not spending time w/my bf this Valentine's evening and instead in the torture chamber. Although we have already celebrated during the weekend, it was just awful to not see each other the day of. Since my mood was not too chipper today, I drowned my sorrow in 2 cupcakes at work (red velvet & a yellow cake)....BAD Sara!!!! I devoured those cupcakes like a wild animal attacking it's prey. Not a good sight I tell you, but it was o-so-deeeelicious!!!! Now yoga is a must since I really need to burn off at least 1 of the cupcakes =X

Day 14: 6:30pm w/Valerie

Class wasn't as empty as I had expected, but there was enough space between my neighbors for me to fully stretch out and not fold my mat during some postures. Once again I positioned myself to the left of the room instead of the right to change things up and it was quite nice. I've been doing well in the last few classes, but can use some improvement as always. It's just nice to not have a really really bad class, but I'm realistic enough to know that that's impossible.

Like some of the challengers, i.e. Ching, this daily routine of work and yoga is driving me a little nutty. I miss my social life and free time (especially a day like Valentine's Day today) :'( Some days I feel great, but some days I'm just down right miserable. This challenge has been so much more than just physical, it's definitely mentally taking a toll on me too. I'm so glad I've met some great yogi/nis in the studio who can understand what I'm going through and provide such wonderful support. Thank you all <3. Until my next post....namaste!

No pic of my wardrobe for Day 15. I do want to share a handmade card I received in the mail this weekend from a very dear friend of mine, Linda, to show support and love to see me through this challenge. I'm very critical about how my stamped images come out on my cards so I don't like smudges or anything and she knows me oh so well. It's cute how she stated that the smudge area near the left eye was to represent my mascara running in the heated yoga room =D. Sure put a huge smile on my face <3


  1. have no idea how tickled pink I am that you're a crafter too. I've been coveting that yoga girl stamp from The Greeting Farm for some time, but then, I gave up crafting 1-2 years ago, so it doesn't make sense to accumulate supplies. but I still know manufacturers when I see supplies used! Ha! I won't bore you with all the other stuff she used that I can see! I loove loove the Anya character. Your friend created a beautifully hand made card. What motivation that must be. I know I always looove receiving hand made items. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one missing my life, but I am having a ball with this challenge at the same time. It's just hard to be consistent on a daily basis when I really don't want to resist other temptations in life right now. lol Super cute yogini stamp!!

  2. I'll second Ching's post, that's an adorable card. Love that she said the smear was mascara running, that's precious. I too really like the left side of the room. Stay strong you're doing great and making such great progress!!!