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LilySlim Exercise days tickers

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lazy Funk!?!?

So I've been some what lazy with my blogging and I'm terribly sorry. I've just been really tired and busy at work so finding time to write a post has been difficult :( Anyhow, I shall be brief and recap my last few classes.

Day 15: 6:30pm w/Jeff, Day 16: 6:30pm w/Erin, Day 17: 6:30pm w/Nafisa, & Day 18: 8am w/Val

Whew, that's a lot to recap!!! All these classes have been pretty much the same. I think my body is finally getting use to the daily practice so it's getting a lot easier to stay focus and push myself. I still fall out and sit out at times, but I am just listening to my body more. I do feel stronger overall and am finally kicking out on the 2nd set of standing head to knee pose. YAY!!! I'm mentally stronger as well so I'm in a good place =D

The one thing that's been really bugging me are my allergies. I have been resisting to take any meds, but my itchy eyes are KILLING me. Looks like I have to give in cause it's really affecting my standing series. I have been trying so so hard to resist itching them, but have been very unsuccessful ='( Pills it is!!!! Until next post....namaste <3

My wardrobe for Day 16 & 17. I notice that I haven't post wardrobe pics for weekends so I shall continue leaving them out.


  1. Hi Sara, love your purple/gray neck band outfit. That is so flattering. I too have bad allergies and have to take Benadryl to keep them at bay. When I don't sometimes it turns into asthma and really makes practicing difficult. Hope those allergies go away quickly. Nice to see you this am!

  2. I saw you in the scoop neck tank and I think that is my next purchase. Yah it' gets hard to blog everyday especially when work gets crazy as its about to for me this next week . It's been fun running into you last couple of nights. :)

  3. Hi Sara!

    You are doing great so keep up the good work! I am just amazed of your commitment to being fit overall =D I also have a Liebster award for you on my blog so stop by if you get a chance!