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Friday, February 10, 2012

Did Someone Say DOUBLES?!?!

Day 9: 6:30pm w/Lisa & 8:15pm w/Marta

I DID IT!!!!! I am beyond exhilarated to survived thru my 1st doubles ever. This was so unplanned and maybe it was a good thing since it didn't give me too much time to panic over it. I was in such a crabby funky mood the entire day and was trying pretty hard to snap out of it with no success :'( When I texted my bf to let him know that I'm feeling blah and to make me happy, he suggested that maybe we skip town over the weekend. My immediate negative self responded with we can't since I am committed to this challenge. A bit later, I was like...."We can do this, but I would need to be back in time for the last Sunday session.". However, that would still be hard since I would really have to be restricted on my diet on Sunday, but I was up for it nonetheless. Somehow after work while driving to yoga, it finally hit me that maybe I'll just do a double then.

Tonight was the only night I considered since I was already taking the 6:30pm on Friday and signed up for the 6:15am on Saturday. Didn't want to feel like I'm living in the studio, which I feel like I do already =X Tonight was perfect and thankfully I keep all my towels in my car so I'm good to go. Plus, what better way to turn a crabby day and last nights terrible practice positive right?!?!

The first thing I did when I got to the studio was sign in for both classes to ensure I get a space in the latter class since it has been crazy and I needed to hold myself accountable to my decision. 1st class went by quick and I took it easy as recommended by Jamilyn, a fellow yogini. I was so thankful that Lisa was once again extremely generous to us with the fans and opened doors. The class was extremely full, as usual nowadays, and it got pretty hot. The bursts of cool air was a life saver for me if I was to survive the next class. Maybe because I knew I still have another class to go, the first 90 minute flew by. I didn't lay down too long for my last savasana since the turn around time was short and I needed to slightly dry off my body and change towels before my next session. I was pretty energetic still and felt good going into the next 90 minutes. The advice to take it easy was definitely sound =D (Thanks Jamilyn!!!!)

2nd class was quite empty compared to what I anticipated, maybe 20-30 instead of 45-50. It was so nice to be a bit more spread out. The 90 minutes went by quickly too, but I did feel pretty spent by the time the warm up was completed. I still gave all the postures my best and allowed myself to rest when needed. It was well deserved in my mind....LOL! I was shocked that I wasn't more exhausted than in my usual single class. My body just felt a bit more sluggish than usual after, but I was fine. Must be the adrenaline pumping in me for surviving!

Overall, I wouldn't say I'm fond of doubles but it was a challenge and I'm glad I did it. I would like to maintain an organic challenge of 60 class in 60 days, but life always tends to be a surprise. Nonetheless, I'm glad I'm ahead instead of in the red if and when I do need to skip out =) Day 10 is upon us so lets keep fighting!!! Until next post....namaste <3

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  1. I'm so proud of you Sara!!! Doubles are definitely a huge milestone! Keep on keepin on!

  2. Wow that is so awesome! I've yet to do a double, but I'm inspired by all you yoginis who have been doing them to try sometime. Have fun this weekend!!

  3. You did great, Sara! I just had my doubles this morning and it wasn't a great experience. I will do my best to avoid doubles myself. I think you handled it better than me.