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LilySlim Exercise days tickers

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 7 = 1 Week Completed!!!

Day 7: 6:30pm w/Valerie

So excited to finish off week 1 strong and that I did!!! The class was full as usual, but I was able to snag my comfort spot in the 2nd row near the door on the right of the room. However, room got really hot real fast and I found myself yearning for a bit of cool air either from the fans or the space under the wood doors. Fans did come on a few times, but no cool air slipping thru the door since those bean bag thingy were like weights glued to the door tonight =(

Completed my postures with determination and focus. Especially during half moon pose since I was silently preaching "love handles be gone" repeatedly to myself!!! I really focused on my form the entire class instead of depth and got right back into it when I fell out of a pose. Valerie gave out such strong energy and it was nice to feel that energy. I believe the few goals I have for this challenge are to hold all postures for the entire duration and not take a seat throughout class.

I have now been drinking a cup of water with a teaspoon of the Himalayan Pink Salt Sole added every morning that was recommended by Ching and I am definitely not having dehydration problems. I am still putting Emergen-C in my yoga water bottle and drinking skim milk and fresh juices, but I feel that the sole solution is helping me with my energy in the latter half of my classes. I'm usually pretty drained when standing series is completed, but these pass few days have been very different. I'm sure my consistent practice the last week had something to do with the additional energy too, but I can't help to think that the sole mixture played a vital role as well. Whatever it may be, I'm feeling stronger and this is definitely welcomed!! Until the next post....namaste <3

My wardrobe for Day 8:


  1. Wow sounds like such a strong practice Sara! You're doing soooo well. You go girl!!

  2. You looked like you were in your zen last night Sara!! Can you believe, it's been a whole entire week now? And we're all still standing. Good to hear that you're feeling stronger through hydration and from your practice. Keep up the great work!! And I'm officially getting envious of your extensive lulu wardrobe!!

    1. Thanks Ching! I did feel very in the moment last night =D We did it....well....week 1 that is! Still a huge accomplishment for almost everyone. Don't be envious, my bank account HATES LuLu!!!! :(

  3. Love seeing your cute outfits! And I hear you on the hydration. I am drinking phenom from gnc which is coconut water with added vitamins and electrolytes! In love with that stuff! Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks Kara!! I'm glad you enjoy my mini fashion can't hide the girly side of me even amist our sweaty challenge. Too bad I can't stand coconut or I would give phenom a try. Keep up your good work as well and hope I'll run into ya soon.