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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Return of the Not-So-Good Classes

Boo....the not-so-good classes have returned and I'm hoping this period will pass soon since I feel like I am making good progress. Almost at the halfway point now and time is really flying by =D

Day 23: 6:30pm w/Erin

Class was pretty good and I felt strong. I was actually pretty surprised that my double the night before didn't get me too exhausted. No new insights on my practice, but it was very nice to hear Erin tell me that she can see a big difference in my practice and am really strong in my postures. I don't really notice it, but I'll gladly accept her observation. Mini pat on the back to self =D

Day 24: 6:30pm w/Jesse

Wow!!! I didn't think there was anyone more intense than Nafisa, but I was so wrong. I am used to Nafisa's fast pace dialogue by now and even enjoy the energy, but Jesse's was even faster and I was thrown into a loop tonight. He was great and definitely pushed everyone to work their hardest. I loved that he was tough yet humorous at the same time. It just really sucked since I was having the worst possible class tonight since the start of this challenge. Maybe the effects of my double is finally setting in =( I was fighting so hard to not give up and rest the entire class after the warm up (eagle). Really?!?! It was only the warm up and I was toasted. Even with Jesse's intense energy, my mind and body did not want to cooperate. I had to force myself to get up and do each posture and not allow myself to give up. I was so glad when class was over and that I made it without sitting out too too much. However, I was disappointed that I didn't push myself hard and half assed some of the postures. Oh well, it was just one of those day where my main goal was to just survive through the 90 minutes =P

Day 25: 8am w/Y Thuan

Another bad class in the books for today. It was my first time taking Y Thuan's class and I loved that her class was very calming and she was very encouraging. However, I was still in a funk and it was hard for me to focus. I was very tight this morning and was extremely frustrated with myself because of it. I know each and everyday is different, but I could not snap myself out of the frustration. Once again I half assed most of the class =( I'm not happy with the lack of focus and stamina last night and today, but I'm hoping things will change the next class.

I'm skipping out tomorrow to go ziplining, but thank god I have already made up this missed class. Guess this is a much needed break since we are now closing in on the halfway point of the challenge. I am proud of each and every one of the challengers. We have all experienced some highs and some lows and have supported each other thru it all. So hang in there gang....month 2 is coming fast and furious! Until then....namaste <3

So sorry for those who look forward to my wardrobe pix, I have been very forgetful in taking pix =X


  1. Sara, not to fear, you will spring back I'm confident of that. Your last 2 classes sound just like mine on Thursday and Friday. Just a rough patch and you'll probably feel much better today. I look forward to hopefully seeing you in the 6:30 class with Nafisa. You got this girl, stay strong!!

  2. Aw Sara. My entire last week was bad, so I totally know what you're going through. It's funny that we all seemed to be suffering this last week. Wonder if there's some correlation? See you tonight ... most likely as you're leaving the 6:30 class since it's raining cats and dogs out here in Santa Monica. I foresee a good strong practice for you Sara. I saw what you did last Wednesday on your 2nd class in a have it within you!

  3. You did a DOUBLE that alone is awesome! re: day24 on days like this you have to remember, you are in class, that is probably better than not being there. In the past most of us would probably not have even been in class trying, you tried your best for that day. Hey next class think about all this positive support - no negative thoughts!

    Gabriela (gblog20120)