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LilySlim Exercise days tickers

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Coming back strong, but some bad news :(

After my 2 day hiatus from yoga. It was time to dive in strong as I am now 1 class behind and it was just bugging the shit out of me. I didn't intend to do a double the 1st night back, but what the hell....I needed piece of mind that I was still on schedule with the challenge =D

Day 28: 6:30pm & 8:15pm w/Valerie

I settled to my usual doubles spot (next to the double door to the left of the teacher's podium) and proceeded with the 1st class. I was very focused until I got to the floor series and it was during the spine strengthening postures where you lay on your stomach that I notice a pain on my left breast. It was very uncomfortable to lay on them so I excused myself to the bathroom during full locust pose to examine myself. I felt a lump and immediately went into a panic. I was scared and all these crazy thoughts came into my head, but there was nothing I could do this time in the evening so I returned to my mat during fix firm pose. I went into autopilot through the remaining postures. My mind was all over the place and I was freaking out, but I managed to calm myself down toward the end of the 1st class. It was getting too cold near the doors so I moved to the second row close to the studio entrance for my 2nd class when the 1st class ended.

I wasn't sure if I was still going to stay for the 2nd class, but I needed to keep myself busy so I decided to stay. I was much more focused this time around, but the lump in my left breast was still hanging on my conscious heavily. I finished class strong and just headed home.

After I showered, I woke my sister up to tell her about the lump and that I'm scared. It was nice to let someone know. I knew nothing can be done at the moment so I just attempted to sleep. I am usually pretty tired after a double, but it took me a while to fall asleep tonight.

Woke up this morning and went to work to wait until my doctor office is open to call. I figured that there is no point to take the day off and have all this free time to think. I told a few of my friends what happened and they were so nice to offer to take the day off to go to the doctor with me so I don't have to be alone. I have such wonderful people surrounding me!!!!!!! Called the doctor office to let them know what happened, but the earliest appointment was on Friday. I'm not happy about the wait, but it is what it is. I'm at least taking the right steps to deal with this and discovered it rather early. I recently had my female exam a month ago with good results so I'm hoping this is nothing serious. I am still extremely scared, but I'm trying to really not get too stressed out =X

I had planned/scheduled on doing a double tonight so I might still stick to it. My mind needs to keep busy and focus on other things right now. Work and yoga is definitely helping with this and my friends support has been very helpful. My sister even did all this research online for all these possible diagnosis that are not breast cancer so I'm feeling a bit better. I figure I should still continue with my routine as is and take things one step at a time with this lump. Easier said than done, but keeping myself busy with yoga is a great start for now. Until then....namaste <3

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Return of the Not-So-Good Classes

Boo....the not-so-good classes have returned and I'm hoping this period will pass soon since I feel like I am making good progress. Almost at the halfway point now and time is really flying by =D

Day 23: 6:30pm w/Erin

Class was pretty good and I felt strong. I was actually pretty surprised that my double the night before didn't get me too exhausted. No new insights on my practice, but it was very nice to hear Erin tell me that she can see a big difference in my practice and am really strong in my postures. I don't really notice it, but I'll gladly accept her observation. Mini pat on the back to self =D

Day 24: 6:30pm w/Jesse

Wow!!! I didn't think there was anyone more intense than Nafisa, but I was so wrong. I am used to Nafisa's fast pace dialogue by now and even enjoy the energy, but Jesse's was even faster and I was thrown into a loop tonight. He was great and definitely pushed everyone to work their hardest. I loved that he was tough yet humorous at the same time. It just really sucked since I was having the worst possible class tonight since the start of this challenge. Maybe the effects of my double is finally setting in =( I was fighting so hard to not give up and rest the entire class after the warm up (eagle). Really?!?! It was only the warm up and I was toasted. Even with Jesse's intense energy, my mind and body did not want to cooperate. I had to force myself to get up and do each posture and not allow myself to give up. I was so glad when class was over and that I made it without sitting out too too much. However, I was disappointed that I didn't push myself hard and half assed some of the postures. Oh well, it was just one of those day where my main goal was to just survive through the 90 minutes =P

Day 25: 8am w/Y Thuan

Another bad class in the books for today. It was my first time taking Y Thuan's class and I loved that her class was very calming and she was very encouraging. However, I was still in a funk and it was hard for me to focus. I was very tight this morning and was extremely frustrated with myself because of it. I know each and everyday is different, but I could not snap myself out of the frustration. Once again I half assed most of the class =( I'm not happy with the lack of focus and stamina last night and today, but I'm hoping things will change the next class.

I'm skipping out tomorrow to go ziplining, but thank god I have already made up this missed class. Guess this is a much needed break since we are now closing in on the halfway point of the challenge. I am proud of each and every one of the challengers. We have all experienced some highs and some lows and have supported each other thru it all. So hang in there gang....month 2 is coming fast and furious! Until then....namaste <3

So sorry for those who look forward to my wardrobe pix, I have been very forgetful in taking pix =X

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ahead of schedule & feeling STRONG!

Once again, fatigue won and I haven't been as diligent in my blogging. However, class now seems to be flowing pretty much the same for me so not much revelations to justify a daily post of the same things. Didn't want to bore you all <3 So here's the recap for my last few classes:

Day 20: 9am w/Erin's a holiday!!! There was a lot of people since most people are off and wanted to get yoga out of the way to go about their day. I was on auto pilot since I had a big day ahead of me. My mind couldn't focus on being in the moment at all, but I managed to survive the class. It wasn't a difficult class, it was just difficult for me since I just wanted out from the beginning. Guess my mindset really does affect my yoga. Must practice being still and focus in class more!!! On a side note, had a fabulous day off celebrating a friend's birthday with a great lunch and dinner along with going to the spa to unwind =D

Day 21: 6:30pm w/Valerie

Class was good and I really pushed myself in the postures. No big insights, but I am going deeper in my poses and it felt good. Still a lot of improvements needed, but I'm happy at where I'm at. It was just one of those days where I just go into class, do my thing and call it a night.

Day 22: 6:30pm w/Jeff & 8:15pm w/Tom

Since I can't go to yoga this Sunday and can't make the 3-set class on Saturday (very bummed about this), a double was unavoidable. I didn't want to be behind so decided that I would have to do it before this week ended. I made up my mind to do it today and went online to make the reservation for the latter class to hold myself accountable. Also, I asked Erin to check me into the 8:15 class when I arrived at the studio for my 6:30 class. It was planned perfectly since Jeff was teaching the 6:30 and Tom the 8:15. It was the perfect balance being that Jeff's class are usually very intense and Tom's being very soothing and calm.

Since I was doing a double, I knew to set myself up next to the doors on the left side of the room where it is significantly cooler. I knew to take it easy, but it's very difficult when Jeff is teaching so I pushed hard and had a very strong 1st class. My setup proved to be genius since the most people after class stated that it was very very HOT for them and a difficult class. I felt perfect on the other hand and was ready for my next class with Tom feeling great.

My second class with Tom ended up being the strongest class I've done thus far in the challenge. I reminded myself to take it easy since I pushed hard my 1st class, but I was in the zone and feeling so strong. So much so that I didn't sit out one posture during the entire time. I did fall out a few times, but I jumped right back into it with full force. It was a great....I mean fantastic class!!!! I left the studio feeling so strong and energized and this was after a DOUBLE!?!? I didn't know who this new person was =X Plus, I'm now ahead by one class!

I think I should approach each class the same way I do when I do doubles. There is usually an ease about the classes and I am not too hard on myself. Maybe this is what class feels like when one goes in without any judgements and/or expectations. Harder said than done, but I must try because it feels so good during and after class <3

It is now the day after my doubles and I feel like I do the last time I did my 1st doubles. My lower back is extremely sore and my body feels so tired =( However, my mind is still strong and I'm looking forward to class tonight. Until then....namaste <3

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Me Time!

I have decided that today is a "ME" day! I woke up later in the morning to allow myself to finally sleep in on a weekend =D It felt so good since I am so not a morning person. Ever since the start of this challenge, I wake up earlier on the weekends than for work on the week days!! Also, it was so nice to make time to do some crafting with my friends since that has also taken a hiatus. I needed to make a birthday card since we are going out to celebrate my dear friends' birthday tomorrow so I'm glad that is off my to do list. So nice to take a day and do all the things good for my soul and my health =)

Day 19: 3pm w/Jeff

I was so not ready for yoga today....especially Jeff's class! My mind/body was still so tired even tho I had enough sleep. I drove to the studio right after my craft session and was too early so I rested in the car. Took a mini nap and walked into a full studio. There was a lot of people so I was thankful to get my favorite spot near the doors. Class was hard for me today!! The standing series was tough and I sat out a few times, but I pushed hard during the floor series to make up for my slacking. Although it wasn't a good session, I was very happy that I finished strong. I have to thank Jeff whole heartedly for his seriousness and dedication to teaching and to practicing. It makes one want to "Bring It" every time and I am sure trying.

On a social note, a lot of my fellow bloggers were in the same class and it was super fantastic to practice alongside each and everyone of them. It was such a focused class w/a bit of humor from Jeff =) I am so inspired by all the challengers and am physically and mentally feeling AMAZING!!!! With a huge smile on my face....namaste <3

Here is the card I made during my much needed crafting session:

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lazy Funk!?!?

So I've been some what lazy with my blogging and I'm terribly sorry. I've just been really tired and busy at work so finding time to write a post has been difficult :( Anyhow, I shall be brief and recap my last few classes.

Day 15: 6:30pm w/Jeff, Day 16: 6:30pm w/Erin, Day 17: 6:30pm w/Nafisa, & Day 18: 8am w/Val

Whew, that's a lot to recap!!! All these classes have been pretty much the same. I think my body is finally getting use to the daily practice so it's getting a lot easier to stay focus and push myself. I still fall out and sit out at times, but I am just listening to my body more. I do feel stronger overall and am finally kicking out on the 2nd set of standing head to knee pose. YAY!!! I'm mentally stronger as well so I'm in a good place =D

The one thing that's been really bugging me are my allergies. I have been resisting to take any meds, but my itchy eyes are KILLING me. Looks like I have to give in cause it's really affecting my standing series. I have been trying so so hard to resist itching them, but have been very unsuccessful ='( Pills it is!!!! Until next post....namaste <3

My wardrobe for Day 16 & 17. I notice that I haven't post wardrobe pics for weekends so I shall continue leaving them out.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My HOT date for V-Day <3

I must admit that I was pretty bummed out about not spending time w/my bf this Valentine's evening and instead in the torture chamber. Although we have already celebrated during the weekend, it was just awful to not see each other the day of. Since my mood was not too chipper today, I drowned my sorrow in 2 cupcakes at work (red velvet & a yellow cake)....BAD Sara!!!! I devoured those cupcakes like a wild animal attacking it's prey. Not a good sight I tell you, but it was o-so-deeeelicious!!!! Now yoga is a must since I really need to burn off at least 1 of the cupcakes =X

Day 14: 6:30pm w/Valerie

Class wasn't as empty as I had expected, but there was enough space between my neighbors for me to fully stretch out and not fold my mat during some postures. Once again I positioned myself to the left of the room instead of the right to change things up and it was quite nice. I've been doing well in the last few classes, but can use some improvement as always. It's just nice to not have a really really bad class, but I'm realistic enough to know that that's impossible.

Like some of the challengers, i.e. Ching, this daily routine of work and yoga is driving me a little nutty. I miss my social life and free time (especially a day like Valentine's Day today) :'( Some days I feel great, but some days I'm just down right miserable. This challenge has been so much more than just physical, it's definitely mentally taking a toll on me too. I'm so glad I've met some great yogi/nis in the studio who can understand what I'm going through and provide such wonderful support. Thank you all <3. Until my next post....namaste!

No pic of my wardrobe for Day 15. I do want to share a handmade card I received in the mail this weekend from a very dear friend of mine, Linda, to show support and love to see me through this challenge. I'm very critical about how my stamped images come out on my cards so I don't like smudges or anything and she knows me oh so well. It's cute how she stated that the smudge area near the left eye was to represent my mascara running in the heated yoga room =D. Sure put a huge smile on my face <3

Monday, February 13, 2012

Back to the Fun!

My early Valentine's weekend away was amazing. My boyfriend took me to Santa Barbara and we did all the things we enjoy together and ate at all my favorite places. The doubles I had to do last week was definitely worth it, but I did miss the torture chamber a tad bit yesterday =P Now it's back to the reality.

Day 13: 6:30pm w/Nafisa

I ran super late today and barely made it to class. Luckily it wasn't crowded and Val encouraged me to go in while the first set of breathing exercise just began. Nafisa was very nice and waited till I set up to start the 1st posture. I didn't get to practice at my usual spot, but it was a nice change and I embraced it. Class went well. I'm still struggling to stay in all the postures for their entire duration, but I know it'll come in time. I hate rushing to class so I typically am super early to get my mind and body ready, but today was great as I just followed Nafisa's dialogue and her intensity definitely rubbed off. I felt strong after class tonight =D

After class, I got a chance to talk to a fellow yogini (didn't catch her name) and we both were not experiencing any weight lost or change in our body size like some of the other challengers. It was nice to know that I wasn't the only one. We both think that our bodies are just holding on to the water and hope change will come in time. Luckily, weight lost is not my main goal in this challenge. I'm feeling great and that is all that matters. I am confident that the rest will fall into place =D Until tomorrow....namaste <3

My wardrobe for Day 13 & Day 14:

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Away I Go for the Weekend!

I know I's only Saturday, but I'm done with my classes for the week and Santa Barbara I go!!!

Day 10: 6:30pm w/Nafisa

As always, Nafisa brought so much energy and intensity to the class. I would like to say that I flowed thru my postures effortlessly, but let's be real....I was not even close. Wobbling and falling out of my postures appears to be a norm for me during the standing series. I am giving my best so in time, I'll build enough strength. No day @ a time =). As for the floor series, I need to really try to go deeper and make slight adjustments to some of the postures. Anyways, it was a great Friday night class the end the work week.

Day 11: 6:15am w/Tom

Once again I managed to drag myself to class. The class was not as full as last week so I assumed people got a bit scared after last week's full house. The room was pretty cold from the start, but Tom quickly speed thru the warm up so our bodies would heat up and it really worked. After eagle pose, I was sweating. I'm still trying to build strength, but standing series was pretty difficult since I pulled a muscle or a nerve on my left pinky toe. Who knew that little sucker had such an effect?!?! I was having trouble walking already and the second part of awkward where you need to be on your toes was just down right miserable :'( The balancing on 1 leg postures wasn't any better so I was glad to get to the floor. Even with the pain, class went by so quick. It must be that I'm finally focused on my practice instead of all the other stuff that sometimes cloud my head. Also. Tom's dialogue is just so damn soothing!!!!!! You can't help, but to focus.

Will return to my practice Monday so have a fabulous weekend all. Namaste <3

Friday, February 10, 2012

Did Someone Say DOUBLES?!?!

Day 9: 6:30pm w/Lisa & 8:15pm w/Marta

I DID IT!!!!! I am beyond exhilarated to survived thru my 1st doubles ever. This was so unplanned and maybe it was a good thing since it didn't give me too much time to panic over it. I was in such a crabby funky mood the entire day and was trying pretty hard to snap out of it with no success :'( When I texted my bf to let him know that I'm feeling blah and to make me happy, he suggested that maybe we skip town over the weekend. My immediate negative self responded with we can't since I am committed to this challenge. A bit later, I was like...."We can do this, but I would need to be back in time for the last Sunday session.". However, that would still be hard since I would really have to be restricted on my diet on Sunday, but I was up for it nonetheless. Somehow after work while driving to yoga, it finally hit me that maybe I'll just do a double then.

Tonight was the only night I considered since I was already taking the 6:30pm on Friday and signed up for the 6:15am on Saturday. Didn't want to feel like I'm living in the studio, which I feel like I do already =X Tonight was perfect and thankfully I keep all my towels in my car so I'm good to go. Plus, what better way to turn a crabby day and last nights terrible practice positive right?!?!

The first thing I did when I got to the studio was sign in for both classes to ensure I get a space in the latter class since it has been crazy and I needed to hold myself accountable to my decision. 1st class went by quick and I took it easy as recommended by Jamilyn, a fellow yogini. I was so thankful that Lisa was once again extremely generous to us with the fans and opened doors. The class was extremely full, as usual nowadays, and it got pretty hot. The bursts of cool air was a life saver for me if I was to survive the next class. Maybe because I knew I still have another class to go, the first 90 minute flew by. I didn't lay down too long for my last savasana since the turn around time was short and I needed to slightly dry off my body and change towels before my next session. I was pretty energetic still and felt good going into the next 90 minutes. The advice to take it easy was definitely sound =D (Thanks Jamilyn!!!!)

2nd class was quite empty compared to what I anticipated, maybe 20-30 instead of 45-50. It was so nice to be a bit more spread out. The 90 minutes went by quickly too, but I did feel pretty spent by the time the warm up was completed. I still gave all the postures my best and allowed myself to rest when needed. It was well deserved in my mind....LOL! I was shocked that I wasn't more exhausted than in my usual single class. My body just felt a bit more sluggish than usual after, but I was fine. Must be the adrenaline pumping in me for surviving!

Overall, I wouldn't say I'm fond of doubles but it was a challenge and I'm glad I did it. I would like to maintain an organic challenge of 60 class in 60 days, but life always tends to be a surprise. Nonetheless, I'm glad I'm ahead instead of in the red if and when I do need to skip out =) Day 10 is upon us so lets keep fighting!!! Until next post....namaste <3

My wardrobe for Day 10:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No More Bday Lunches!!!!!

Day 8: 6:30pm w/Lisa

Boy was it a bad idea to attend a birthday luncheon at work today, but duty calls. We went to Sizzler's and I have only been there once in my entire life until today. I got the salad buffet and was shocked that it was rather good. There was items available other than salad, but I was very conscious of my intake so I avoided all the fried foods and dessert which was so hard since I LOVE dessert! I thought I ate pretty light w/a small bowl of clam chowder, some salad, and a bit of spanish rice. Plus, there was still more than 5 hours for me to digest!

OMG....I definitely paid for my slight lunch splurge in class. I felt fine at the beginning, but was trying pretty hard to keep the food down before we even finished eagle and for those who has yet to try Bikram....that was barely the WARM UP :'( I struggled throughout the entire class, but managed to finish strong so I'm pretty happy about that. On a high note, Lisa was super generous with the fans and opened the doors to let cool air in. Also, those bean bag sucker were not even used tonight to seal the door slit in the bottom so little bits of cool air crept in throughout....SCORE!!! Another day another reminder: eat SUPER LIGHT before Bikram even if you have hours until class!!!! Until my next post....namaste <3

My wardrobe for Day 9:

Day 7 = 1 Week Completed!!!

Day 7: 6:30pm w/Valerie

So excited to finish off week 1 strong and that I did!!! The class was full as usual, but I was able to snag my comfort spot in the 2nd row near the door on the right of the room. However, room got really hot real fast and I found myself yearning for a bit of cool air either from the fans or the space under the wood doors. Fans did come on a few times, but no cool air slipping thru the door since those bean bag thingy were like weights glued to the door tonight =(

Completed my postures with determination and focus. Especially during half moon pose since I was silently preaching "love handles be gone" repeatedly to myself!!! I really focused on my form the entire class instead of depth and got right back into it when I fell out of a pose. Valerie gave out such strong energy and it was nice to feel that energy. I believe the few goals I have for this challenge are to hold all postures for the entire duration and not take a seat throughout class.

I have now been drinking a cup of water with a teaspoon of the Himalayan Pink Salt Sole added every morning that was recommended by Ching and I am definitely not having dehydration problems. I am still putting Emergen-C in my yoga water bottle and drinking skim milk and fresh juices, but I feel that the sole solution is helping me with my energy in the latter half of my classes. I'm usually pretty drained when standing series is completed, but these pass few days have been very different. I'm sure my consistent practice the last week had something to do with the additional energy too, but I can't help to think that the sole mixture played a vital role as well. Whatever it may be, I'm feeling stronger and this is definitely welcomed!! Until the next post....namaste <3

My wardrobe for Day 8:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Time for a Cleanse?!?!?!

As I was sitting in my car during my lunch break, I remembered that I still have the Blessed Herbs Cleanse at home I need to use!! I was suppose to do it a few months back with some of the other yogis at BikPas, as recommended by Jeff, but I didn't end up starting it with the group and kept pushing it off my to-do list =X With the holidays around the corner, I just didn't have to will to go through with it and either did my lil sis, Dayna, who I convinced to purchase it with me since there was a huge discount to buy 2. What better a time to do it then now along with the challenge!!! I know it's kind of crazy since I'll be on liquids only for 9 days, but I feel as tho it's now or never. I've been reading a lot of the fellow challengers blogs and there was so much about healthy eating and such that motivated me to really want to start on a clean slate this year....literally on the inside and out. I'm still trying to pin a start date down since I want to be a bit further into the challenge to get use to the daily practice and minimized food intake. However, posting it on here makes me feel like I need to be accountable to do it so there you go....I have now committed to also completing a 9-day liquid cleanse from Blessed Herbs!!!...ahhhhhhhh (If anyone is curious about the cleanse, you can find info @

On a side note....was wearing my LuLu Paris Pink (waited 2 yrs for this pink to come around again) tank last night and was so sad that the color was still bleeding all over the place :'( I had already pre-soaked it in vinegar mixed water once and cold water 3 times to rid of the bleeding plus a wash!!!! Note to self: must wear all black with Paris pink items and use my darkest Manduka towel!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

5th & 6th Day in the bag!!

Day 5: 8am w/Tom

First time taking Tom'a class and his dialogue was so eloquently delivered. I was moving thru the postures focused on his voice and my breathing. It was a really good class. There was an ease the entire 90 minutes which was amazing!! Felt great to finish off the week strong. =D

Day 6: 4:30pm w/Val

I always enjoy taking Val's class so I was looking forward to start this week well. The beginning few postures was difficult since I couldn't focus and was feeling light headed. I was frustrated when I kept falling out of Standing Bow Pulling Pose =( Val saw my frustrated face and reminded me to be patient. I listened and actually had a rather pleasant class. I'm glad I stuck through it since I was very close to just giving up and rest the entire class. =X

It's only been less than a week since I've committed to the challenge and I'm feeling a little bit stronger and struggling less through class already. I'm so looking forward to other changes!!! Until next time....namaste <3

Forgot taking pix of my Day 4 & 5 wardrobe =P Here's my wardrobe for today (Day 6) and tomorrow (Day 7).

Saturday, February 4, 2012

3rd & 4th Day..many lows & some highs..

Day 3: 6:30pm w/Nafisa

Class was not as crowded as it has been the last 2 days, even tho it was 48 instead of the max capacity of 50....yay!!! I settled into my comfortable 2nd row near the entrance and was thrilled that even with that much people, I was still able to see myself majority of the time. Class once again went pretty horrible =( I could not focus for the life of me and sat out on quite a few 2nd sets of postures. Bad me!!!!!! However, the few postures I managed to survived thru was good as I went pretty deep into.

Nafisa was very good in calling out everyone so there was a pressure to really show up and persevere. It also helped that she was very nice to keep the room temp a tad cooler than her usual. My 2nd bad class out of 3 is somewhat discouraging, but I know things will get better.

After class, I rushed to the nearby Trader's Joe to buy dried fruit and Himalayan Pink Salt (to help with replenishing electrolytes.). Got quite a few different versions of dried mangos and a bag of banana chips. I went mango madness!!!! However, so sad that they were out of the salt. Gotta hit up another one STAT!!!

Day 4: 6:15am w/Bernadette

Wow, I was amazed that I actually was able to drag myself out of my warm bed!!! Felt like I was just there....wait....I was!!!....10 hrs ago. Upon arriving, I was shocked to see so much people. I've done quite a few 6ish morning session throughout the years and it's usually rather empty, but it felt like there was as much people as the afternoon 4:30 or 6:30pm classes. It was nice to have this much energy and it warmed up the usual cold room quicker!

Class was great today....FINALLY!!!! I set up in my comfortable spot and was able to really focus and concentrate in my postures. I did fall out a few times during the standing series, but I jumped right back into it. I really pushed myself and it felt good. Today is starting out amazing....until tomorrow....namaste <3

Friday, February 3, 2012

Second Day Recap

Day 2: 6:30pm w/Erin

Class was torturous!!! After the extremely crowded 1st night, I parked myself in front of the mirror in the right corner of the room and it's was a bad choice. Not only did I keep hitting the mirror and was beyond hot!!! I was way too far from a fan or door to feel any cool air when Erin did turn on the fan or open the door to let air in :'( I did however, got to see myself in the mirror the entire time, but it didn't help me one bit tonight. So yet again I'm back on the hunt for the perfect placement. Side note: Erin was great and encouraging, it was just one of those bad days for me.

Class for me was full of fall outs in postures and worst....sitting out totally!!! Plus, I was feeling bloated before class and thought I'll be fine as class progressed, but it didn't happen so it was quite uncomfortable for me in most postures since it almost always require one to suck in their stomach or lay on it..ouch!!!! To make things worst, I finally got measured after class and OMG....the numbers sure did motivate me to continue to work hard in every class. I can't recall the exact numbers to put on here....but maybe it's my subconscious that's blocking it out for me =P It's a new day today so new outlook and adjustments for me :D Oh yea, I also took the studio's recommendation and made reservations for majority of my classes for the next 2 months! Namaste <3

Forgot to take a pic of my Day 3 wardrobe so this will have to make due:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Start is here!!!! I've decided to start my post now and finish it off after I complete my 1st class later tonight since so much is going on in my head and body.

It's now noon and there's another 6+ hours to go until class =X I am having a mini panic attack for some strange reason to go into that hot room even tho I've done so many many times before. It also doesn't help that I waited till today to start hydrating. I knew I should have started Monday so forcing a ton of water in me today was an epic bad decision. I have been needing to use the bathroom every half and hour and forgot my water at home so as I'm finishing the last reserve I have at work, I am dreading my only option of faucet water :( Knew I should have picked up that bottle with the filter (I think it's called the Bobble) at Target when I saw it on sale a few months back to avoid situations I'm facing today. Another damn epic fail on my behalf!!!!!

Oh top things off....I need to be measured tonight before class for the "New You" part of the challenge. I'm sure the numbers I see will make me ill, but guess it'll motivate me to work hard and compare the results after. Ahhhhhhh...wooooo saaaaaahhh
Time: 10:45pm

Yay!!!! First day conquered and I'm actually feeling pretty good and clean now that I've showered. Sitting on my bed finishing up this post and it's off to bed I go.

I took the 6:30pm session with Jeff, who is an amazing and tough teacher. I was a tad bit afraid since I've been away from this practice for a while now and was just not up for a tough class, but I am glad I did since I ended at a decent time and he was gentle to us. The one pitfall was that class was extremely crowded. Seriously, I was no more than a foot between my neighbors and I couldn't see myself in the mirror almost the entire time. There was a lot of apologizing going on since I kept touching my neighbors and they the same =P O well, it looks like it'll be crowded like today all the time and if I can survive my first day, I'm sure I'll be fine. Note to self....maybe position myself on the 1st row right in front of the mirror!!!!

First class was not too shabby for me. I didn't have to sit out of postures too many times and got pretty deep in some poses. I'm actually shocked that it went that well since I had such low expectations today! I'm sure I'll feel the pain tomorrow morning, but it's definitely welcomed as it's a sign that I'm trying hard and doing my best. What a great start to this challenge. Also, my studio posted a two month calendar for each challenger in the changing rooms and I was thrilled to put on my 1st star for February 1st =D

O yea, I also finally met a fellow challenger, Ching, who's blog I've been following since taking on this challenge. It's so nice to know that someone is going through the same things and great to see a friendly face in class. Her blog is such an enjoyable read so check it out at

Tomorrow is another new challenge as class is different each day. Wasn't able to get measured tonight, it'll wait till tomorrow then. I'm hoping for the best and am ready for whatever is thrown at me. Until then....namaste.

My wardrobe for Day 2: