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LilySlim Exercise days tickers

Saturday, February 4, 2012

3rd & 4th Day..many lows & some highs..

Day 3: 6:30pm w/Nafisa

Class was not as crowded as it has been the last 2 days, even tho it was 48 instead of the max capacity of 50....yay!!! I settled into my comfortable 2nd row near the entrance and was thrilled that even with that much people, I was still able to see myself majority of the time. Class once again went pretty horrible =( I could not focus for the life of me and sat out on quite a few 2nd sets of postures. Bad me!!!!!! However, the few postures I managed to survived thru was good as I went pretty deep into.

Nafisa was very good in calling out everyone so there was a pressure to really show up and persevere. It also helped that she was very nice to keep the room temp a tad cooler than her usual. My 2nd bad class out of 3 is somewhat discouraging, but I know things will get better.

After class, I rushed to the nearby Trader's Joe to buy dried fruit and Himalayan Pink Salt (to help with replenishing electrolytes.). Got quite a few different versions of dried mangos and a bag of banana chips. I went mango madness!!!! However, so sad that they were out of the salt. Gotta hit up another one STAT!!!

Day 4: 6:15am w/Bernadette

Wow, I was amazed that I actually was able to drag myself out of my warm bed!!! Felt like I was just there....wait....I was!!!....10 hrs ago. Upon arriving, I was shocked to see so much people. I've done quite a few 6ish morning session throughout the years and it's usually rather empty, but it felt like there was as much people as the afternoon 4:30 or 6:30pm classes. It was nice to have this much energy and it warmed up the usual cold room quicker!

Class was great today....FINALLY!!!! I set up in my comfortable spot and was able to really focus and concentrate in my postures. I did fall out a few times during the standing series, but I jumped right back into it. I really pushed myself and it felt good. Today is starting out amazing....until tomorrow....namaste <3

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  1. Boo that TJ's was out of the sea salt. FYI, I got mine at the TJ's on Arrow Highway on my way into the studio one night. I just made my concoction now so I guess it'll be ready later tonight? btw, that one little bottle of pink sea salt was emptied into a water bottle for the 1 inch to 2-3 inches of water required. So I may need to start buying in bulk for sure. I obviously didn't get my ass up in time. :( Good to know that the early morning class was so packed! Nafisa's class was tough and you're totally right that she requires everyone to be present! Good for you for having a strong class this morning!!