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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ahead of schedule & feeling STRONG!

Once again, fatigue won and I haven't been as diligent in my blogging. However, class now seems to be flowing pretty much the same for me so not much revelations to justify a daily post of the same things. Didn't want to bore you all <3 So here's the recap for my last few classes:

Day 20: 9am w/Erin's a holiday!!! There was a lot of people since most people are off and wanted to get yoga out of the way to go about their day. I was on auto pilot since I had a big day ahead of me. My mind couldn't focus on being in the moment at all, but I managed to survive the class. It wasn't a difficult class, it was just difficult for me since I just wanted out from the beginning. Guess my mindset really does affect my yoga. Must practice being still and focus in class more!!! On a side note, had a fabulous day off celebrating a friend's birthday with a great lunch and dinner along with going to the spa to unwind =D

Day 21: 6:30pm w/Valerie

Class was good and I really pushed myself in the postures. No big insights, but I am going deeper in my poses and it felt good. Still a lot of improvements needed, but I'm happy at where I'm at. It was just one of those days where I just go into class, do my thing and call it a night.

Day 22: 6:30pm w/Jeff & 8:15pm w/Tom

Since I can't go to yoga this Sunday and can't make the 3-set class on Saturday (very bummed about this), a double was unavoidable. I didn't want to be behind so decided that I would have to do it before this week ended. I made up my mind to do it today and went online to make the reservation for the latter class to hold myself accountable. Also, I asked Erin to check me into the 8:15 class when I arrived at the studio for my 6:30 class. It was planned perfectly since Jeff was teaching the 6:30 and Tom the 8:15. It was the perfect balance being that Jeff's class are usually very intense and Tom's being very soothing and calm.

Since I was doing a double, I knew to set myself up next to the doors on the left side of the room where it is significantly cooler. I knew to take it easy, but it's very difficult when Jeff is teaching so I pushed hard and had a very strong 1st class. My setup proved to be genius since the most people after class stated that it was very very HOT for them and a difficult class. I felt perfect on the other hand and was ready for my next class with Tom feeling great.

My second class with Tom ended up being the strongest class I've done thus far in the challenge. I reminded myself to take it easy since I pushed hard my 1st class, but I was in the zone and feeling so strong. So much so that I didn't sit out one posture during the entire time. I did fall out a few times, but I jumped right back into it with full force. It was a great....I mean fantastic class!!!! I left the studio feeling so strong and energized and this was after a DOUBLE!?!? I didn't know who this new person was =X Plus, I'm now ahead by one class!

I think I should approach each class the same way I do when I do doubles. There is usually an ease about the classes and I am not too hard on myself. Maybe this is what class feels like when one goes in without any judgements and/or expectations. Harder said than done, but I must try because it feels so good during and after class <3

It is now the day after my doubles and I feel like I do the last time I did my 1st doubles. My lower back is extremely sore and my body feels so tired =( However, my mind is still strong and I'm looking forward to class tonight. Until then....namaste <3


  1. You were amazing last night in Tom's class Sara. Most definitely didn't sit out anything. You were in your groove and a force to be reckoned with. Like I said on my blog, picture of grace, strength and ease. Bravo!

  2. Bravo Sara, congrats on the strongest class ever! You are rocking it lady! I'm so happy for you. Stay strong and keep impressing and inspiring us all :)