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LilySlim Exercise days tickers

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Away I Go for the Weekend!

I know I's only Saturday, but I'm done with my classes for the week and Santa Barbara I go!!!

Day 10: 6:30pm w/Nafisa

As always, Nafisa brought so much energy and intensity to the class. I would like to say that I flowed thru my postures effortlessly, but let's be real....I was not even close. Wobbling and falling out of my postures appears to be a norm for me during the standing series. I am giving my best so in time, I'll build enough strength. No day @ a time =). As for the floor series, I need to really try to go deeper and make slight adjustments to some of the postures. Anyways, it was a great Friday night class the end the work week.

Day 11: 6:15am w/Tom

Once again I managed to drag myself to class. The class was not as full as last week so I assumed people got a bit scared after last week's full house. The room was pretty cold from the start, but Tom quickly speed thru the warm up so our bodies would heat up and it really worked. After eagle pose, I was sweating. I'm still trying to build strength, but standing series was pretty difficult since I pulled a muscle or a nerve on my left pinky toe. Who knew that little sucker had such an effect?!?! I was having trouble walking already and the second part of awkward where you need to be on your toes was just down right miserable :'( The balancing on 1 leg postures wasn't any better so I was glad to get to the floor. Even with the pain, class went by so quick. It must be that I'm finally focused on my practice instead of all the other stuff that sometimes cloud my head. Also. Tom's dialogue is just so damn soothing!!!!!! You can't help, but to focus.

Will return to my practice Monday so have a fabulous weekend all. Namaste <3


  1. Have a wonderful trip! See you soon!

  2. Have fun in Santa Barbara and congrats on starting the weekend off right with that 6:15 class!!

  3. Have a great weekend off Sara! You deserve it!