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LilySlim Exercise days tickers

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Outpouring of <3 & Support!

As I reached the halfway point of this challenge, many things have changed physically and emotionally as expected. However, the best and most unexpected results of this challenge thus far was the camaraderie between fellow challengers and the bonds that have formed between me and a few yogini's. I can't say enough how much their comments and support means to me. Especially through this difficult time for me! <3

Also, I am surprised by my friends who reads my blog without my knowledge. I know it seems silly to think that people don't pay attention to the stuff I post =P Since I only post the links to my blog posts on FB and the Bikram FB page, I assumed that it gets overlooked. Plus, I don't intend to put everything happening to me on my FB status. This blog serves as my diary and I am merely giving those interested in what I have to say and share to the public an access on FB :) After my post yesterday regarding the lump I found, I got a lot of loving message from those who I didn't expect to hear from. It was a pleasant surprise to learn that some of my FB friends do care about what's going on and take the additional effort to read my blog posts. Guess my links don't go unnoticed on people's news feed after all =P Nonetheless, I appreciate everyones kind words.

Day 29: 6:30pm w/Jeff

As stated in my post yesterday, I was going to attempt my planned doubles. However, I listened to my body after the 1st class and decided to take it easy. Class was strong overall, but I was very cautious about laying on my chest. My caution made me very wary and unfocused during the spine strengthening postures. I need to relax and not let my head dictate how my body is feeling. My mind is definitely playing tricks since I discovered the lump and I have been thinking I feel pain in my left breast when there really isn't!!!! Anyhow, there was no need to push myself so hard to be ahead when I am not feeling too chipper. Thanks to Jen Glass, I will take your advise and take it easy the next days =D

For those who care with or without my knowledge, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the <3 and support. Btw, those who are my family or know my parents....please do not inform them of my current lump situation since I don't want to worry them until there is really something to worry about. Until next time....namaste <3


  1. Sending good vibes your way Sara! And wishing you all the best at your appointment tomorrow!